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Liljevalchs KonsthallLiljevalchs. Foto: David Magnusson

Swedish Handicraft at Liljevalchs

6 June – 2 September
@ Liljevalchs, Stockholm

The major jubilee exhibition Swedish Handicraft at Liljevalchs is about the joy of handicrafts – the pleasure and pride of creating something with your own hands. Here we highlight the amazing and unique aspects of Hemslöjden, the collective in-depth knowledge, the wealth of objects, traditions, materials, techniques, the sustainable, the genuine and the surprising. The exhibition also shows how each of us can make an impact in a bigger context through everyday handicrafts – sustainable development and our shared environment.

The different rooms of the exhibition

In Swedish Handicraft at Liljevalchs, each room has its own joyful area of focus, but the common theme is thoughts, strategies and ideas about handicraft as an element of sustainable development. Contemporary and future handicrafts are displayed, how handicrafts can link together the past, present and future.

For example visitors can see woollen socks, or compare rough-hewn handicrafts with finely polished pieces, consider whether birch-bark can be used in the automotive industry, experience a meeting between roses and reindeer, and see Skåne woollen embroidery interpreted by tattooists, animators, embroiderers, confectioners, ceramists, smiths, folk costume tailors, wood-carvers, glass artists and many more.

About the large collective work Can you see the leaves on the trees

People across Sweden registered their interest in becoming leaf-makers, i.e. covering, filling, decorating or designing a work based around a plywood carcass. The finished result is 2,000 leaves, each 80 x 50 cm, which jointly form a forest in a couple of the art gallery’s rooms. The leaves will be auctioned in aid of the Vi Agroforestry Programme, which plants trees in Eastern Africa.

Try handicrafts in our workshop!

Fancy a try yourself? In the large workshop visitors can try their hand at handicrafts themselves or with a guide. For instance they can contribute to a group crochet or embroidery project, and make their mark on the wooden doodle board. There are also started pieces for visitors to continue working on after someone else has given up.

  • Date: 6 June – 2 September
  • Venue: Liljevalchs, Stockholm
  • Price: SEK 80 for adults, SEK 60 for students and senior citizens. Free for under 18s.
  • Member’s price: Two for the price of one on presentation of a Hemslöjden membership card. (Applies to standard adult admission.)
  • Liljevalchs website:

The exhibition Swedish Handicraft at Liljevalchs is a collaboration between Liljevalchs, The National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies and Sweden’s handicraft consultants, with support from organisations such as Svenska PostkodLotteriet, Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation, Sweden’s Ministry for Culture and the Stockholm Consumer Cooperative Society.


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